Cataclysmic Speculation



I, Deathwing.

I, Deathwing.

Well, since I have decided to have Arthas clean out the Core Hound cages, I will be taking care of this preview. Upon arriving at Gilneas, I was greeted by a young Worgen by the name of Logosh… the name sounded very familiar, but couldn’t quite put my claw on it. I took advantage of this, and had one of them guide me through the city.

Gorgeous dark Gilneas. It seems that there are more than just an outcast seceded population living here. In fact, it seems that the “disease” that is the Worgen has taken a tight grasp on these lands.

During my visit, I decided to call up some old aquaintances and have them stand in for a photoshoot. Interesting bunch, still a bit sore about the whole “corrupted dragon soul” thing. Can’t people just live and let go?

Without further ado, Gilneas.


Lost Isles

Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

After visiting Stormwind, and having a quaint conversation with this supposedly flying goblin, he told me that he had some postcards from his visit to his home on the Lost Isles. He didn’t however want to turn them over to me. So, with what power I had left, I decided to pull his soul out and took the sights for myself.

Deathwing would be proud! I know how much he gets ticked off at those little buggers after they mistakenly put one of the Ademantite plates a little too close to his “junk”. Seriously, he had problems for a while, said it was like pissin’ lava… though he seems to be made up of lava… hmm, inte-

Deathwing: ARTHAS! What did I say about my personal stories…

Oh shi-

Deathwing: You have one more chance, you screw up again, and I’ll be having you for dinner, and showing you what the inside really looks like…. *scowl*

Ye… yes, sir. Absolutely.

Be.. below are the sights that I was able to pull from the goblin’s mangled soul. It even appears that there was a party going on there in the volcano… don’t ask me, I don’t know what goblins do in their spare time.

Grim Batol

I, Deathwing.

I, Deathwing.

This wonderous place was once home sweet home for yours truly. I felt that I would personally bring these to you myself. I had found a young Worgen standing outside and decided to use him to provide an example of the scale of this area.

Oh the good ol days when I could sleep the day off while my goblin minions would bolt Ademantite plates to my hide. Of course I could take the pain, in fact I relished in it. *shiver*

Well, back to Grim Batol. It was once a home to the Wildhammer Dwarves before they were driven away by the corruption caused by Tharusian and his Dark Iron Dwarves. Well, I took advantage of this, and chose it as my base of operations, as well as somewhat of a breeding ground for my new dragonflight. That only worked for so long, though I may still have some tricks up my metallic sleeve. The Twilight Hammer seems to have made great use of the interior space, though I am still iffy about their taste in decoration.

Without further ado, Grim Batol.

Blackwing Descent

Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

Behold, Home of the All Mighty Deathwing, Destroyer and Creator, Beginning and End… *whispers: Can I have that raise now?*

Blackwing Decent is where all the parties happen. Just like you may keep your friend’s keys, Deathwing is going to keep you from leaving on your drake after a few tequila shots, that’s for damn sure.

I never realized how cool my supervisor was until I saw his hardcore rock metal home. No wonder he’s a bit emo sometimes.

Deathwing: Arthas! I would appreciate it if you kept my personal flaws out of the limelight… this is your first warning. Just remember, I ate my last assistant.

*shiver* Well… let’s get back on subject… here are a few looks at the Blackwing Decent… please enjoy, and don’t leave any messes on the coffee table… my forehead was used as a towel to clean up the last mess… >_>


Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

Home of one of the former ancients, and Elemental Plane of air and wind. Fancy words that don’t mean a lot to me. I definately prefer dark, gloomy, rank, and disease ridden places, but that’s just my taste.

I will admit that it is a very creepy area for those of you with a fear of heights. I myself will likely not visit again after this, simply because I’d prefer the sound of dirt and bones crunching under my boots, than the wisp of clouds above your head. It appears to still be under some heavy development… hurry it up Blizzard, we’re getting antsy here, and I want to keep my job, and my head. Deathwing has deadlines you know.

Well, without further ado, I bring to you the wonderous Skywall, big, high, cloudy and full of pretty things…. *blech*


Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

Ah, home of an old friend. I do miss him, it is too bad that he now wants to kill me. While visiting Stormwind, I ran across a Worgen and a Goblin taking in the view as well. They agreed to share their experiences as well, and so I have included those shots.

It looks as if my employer has taken a dislike to this fair city, oh well, who am I to judge.

Please, take a gander at these views of the “mighty” bastion that is Stormwind City, with it’s expanded Cathedral full of all it’s nasty light filled things, and the newly remodeled keep. I certainly do not remember it looking this way when I visited so many years ago.


Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

Well, it appeared that my first attempt to impress Deathing was successful, so now I’m moving on to some larger projects.

Since it is the very place where my employer emerged from, I decided it would only be appropriate for me to provide a quick guide of the immense cavern known as Deepholme.

Once the home of the Elemental plane of earth, it has been ripped apart a bit, due to a certain someone making his way through. Now there’s a very large hole in the ceiling, and several wrecked airships.  I am really not sure if insurance will cover this, it’s more than just a roof replacement. Well, either way, here is a quick look at the cavernous lands of Deepholme.

Throne of Tides

Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

Good morning… living… 

Now that I have introduced myself, I would like to reveal to you the first assignment that lord Deathwing has placed upon me. I personally am not a fan of water, it seems to clean away all of the disease and pestilence that I am oh so fond of; however, a job is a job, and I could really use the health insurance. Therapists aren’t cheap, and with multiple personalities… it gets a bit crowded in here. 

Anyway, I will begin by showing some of the sights from the Throne of Tides. Home of Neptulon the Tidehunter. It was a bit disorienting being underwater, and not really having a map to go by, but here is what I found.

Another Introduction

Arthas (LFW)
Arthas (LFW)

Good morning…

I would like to introduce myself, though it is not likely that you do not already know me. I, am Arthas, former Lich King, previous leader of the Scourge, currently unemployed Death Knight. You all may remember me from the recent encounter we had, where you beat me in the face with your mace, and burned my poor little ghouls with your holy fire. May a curse fall upon your family… if I still had that ability.

I  have taken the gracious offer of my new employer, Deathwing, to assist in revealing some of the coming changes to Azeroth. Turns out that I was unable to create enough chaos and destruction, and someone had to come and show me up… *grumble*

Back to the task at hand. Throughout the day and week ahead, I will be providing a tour of some of the areas being revealed upon the arrival of my new supervisor. Some currently being put together include a look at the Abyssal Maw, and the seat of Neptulon the Tidehunter. Also on the menu is a look at Uldum and the Halls of Origination, or as I like to refer to them, the Halls of Stargate… you’ll see why. I also take a quick stride through the rebuilt Brill, a delightfully gloomy little shire outside of Undercity… *sigh*

Well, until we meet again, please… “Suffer well.”

Soon to come…

I, Deathwing.

I, Deathwing.

Good afternoon mortals…

I have some good news, and a new toy. Thanks to an old friend, namely Nozdormu, as of the last few days I have attained some new sights from my soon to come sundering of the mortal plane.

I will be providing some of these vistas over the next few days, and providing a guided tour of some of the beautiful destruction resultant of my return. Please, stay tuned, and be prepared to see sights unseen, and the unparalleled gloryof my power.

It should be fun. Details will not be revealed as to how these views were attained, however, I do not mind sharing them with you, as you will all soon bow to me anyway.

Until then, please, make your preparations, unless you would like for me to have you for dinner.

An example.

An example... but they won't be from MMO-Champion 😀