Cataclysmic Speculation

Welcome to the End of the World

I, Deathwing.

I, Deathwing.

Good morning mortals…

Welcome to the end of the world. I, Deathwing, once Warden of Earth, now Destroyer of all you hold dear, will soon be returning to your world very soon. In fact, I have already begun preparations. As a general warning, just about all of the information that I plan to provide you, will likely spoil your little perceptions of reality. I do plan to prevent any discomfort for those who may not want to see such information; however, it is only out of what little good will that I still have in my heart. So, please, don’t complain if I rain (fire) on your parade.

Until we meet again, I bid you adieu. May the Old Gods whisper good tidings into your mind.

I must now go and attempt to subdue more minions, the excitement of my return seems to have riled them up a bit.


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