Cataclysmic Speculation

Druids and Totems and Goblins, Oh my!

I, Deathwing.

I, Deathwing.

Good morning mortals…

I hope that my children have not eaten you yet. As that would greatly lower the number of readers.

Today, I have had my goblin minions scour the landscape for any remnants of the collapse of MMO-Champion’s “alpha” coverage. It was sad to hear that they had their own cataclysm, and it not be by my hands. However, let us see what I can provide  you now. You best not look a gift horse in the mouth.

What I have been able to recover is some long awaited inclusions to the World of Warcraft. The Troll and Worgen druid forms. I had bound a few of them within Deepholme, and forced them to shapeshift, if not for the amusement of the noises they made. However, I was able to attain some decent shots of them, so that you could make your decisions.

It appears that the trolls continue to have their flamboyant hairstyles, even after ripping their own skin and bones to become these “cat” forms. Surprisingly, it also appears that dogs and cats can get along, as the Worgen do appear to shift into some kind of lion, very unusual. Lastly, the Worgen seem to have a “hardcore” heavy metal feel if not looking just strung out on Marrowgrain when shifted into their “bear” form. I am very surprised that they somehow are able to sprout gloves when shifting this way.

Lastly, one of my goblin minions ventured undercover onto the Lost Isles to provide me with these shots of the new Goblin Shaman totems. It appears that they wish to enhance their skills mechanically by the looks of it. I do have a bit of an affinity to the Fire totem (I can only imagine why), and am amused by it’s use of a bellows to keep the flame good and hot.

Goblin Shaman Totems

Goblin Shaman Totems

Well, children, I hope that you have enjoyed this quick romp into my forthcoming Cataclysm. Of course, if you have not enjoyed it, then you can be expecting a visit from one of my “surveyors”. Let’s hope you are not allergic to lead.

Until my arrival, good day mortals.


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