Cataclysmic Speculation

Soon to come…

I, Deathwing.

I, Deathwing.

Good afternoon mortals…

I have some good news, and a new toy. Thanks to an old friend, namely Nozdormu, as of the last few days I have attained some new sights from my soon to come sundering of the mortal plane.

I will be providing some of these vistas over the next few days, and providing a guided tour of some of the beautiful destruction resultant of my return. Please, stay tuned, and be prepared to see sights unseen, and the unparalleled gloryof my power.

It should be fun. Details will not be revealed as to how these views were attained, however, I do not mind sharing them with you, as you will all soon bow to me anyway.

Until then, please, make your preparations, unless you would like for me to have you for dinner.

An example.

An example... but they won't be from MMO-Champion 😀


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