Cataclysmic Speculation

Another Introduction

Arthas (LFW)
Arthas (LFW)

Good morning…

I would like to introduce myself, though it is not likely that you do not already know me. I, am Arthas, former Lich King, previous leader of the Scourge, currently unemployed Death Knight. You all may remember me from the recent encounter we had, where you beat me in the face with your mace, and burned my poor little ghouls with your holy fire. May a curse fall upon your family… if I still had that ability.

I  have taken the gracious offer of my new employer, Deathwing, to assist in revealing some of the coming changes to Azeroth. Turns out that I was unable to create enough chaos and destruction, and someone had to come and show me up… *grumble*

Back to the task at hand. Throughout the day and week ahead, I will be providing a tour of some of the areas being revealed upon the arrival of my new supervisor. Some currently being put together include a look at the Abyssal Maw, and the seat of Neptulon the Tidehunter. Also on the menu is a look at Uldum and the Halls of Origination, or as I like to refer to them, the Halls of Stargate… you’ll see why. I also take a quick stride through the rebuilt Brill, a delightfully gloomy little shire outside of Undercity… *sigh*

Well, until we meet again, please… “Suffer well.”


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