Cataclysmic Speculation

Blackwing Descent

Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

Behold, Home of the All Mighty Deathwing, Destroyer and Creator, Beginning and End… *whispers: Can I have that raise now?*

Blackwing Decent is where all the parties happen. Just like you may keep your friend’s keys, Deathwing is going to keep you from leaving on your drake after a few tequila shots, that’s for damn sure.

I never realized how cool my supervisor was until I saw his hardcore rock metal home. No wonder he’s a bit emo sometimes.

Deathwing: Arthas! I would appreciate it if you kept my personal flaws out of the limelight… this is your first warning. Just remember, I ate my last assistant.

*shiver* Well… let’s get back on subject… here are a few looks at the Blackwing Decent… please enjoy, and don’t leave any messes on the coffee table… my forehead was used as a towel to clean up the last mess… >_>


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