Cataclysmic Speculation


I, Deathwing.

I, Deathwing.

Well, since I have decided to have Arthas clean out the Core Hound cages, I will be taking care of this preview. Upon arriving at Gilneas, I was greeted by a young Worgen by the name of Logosh… the name sounded very familiar, but couldn’t quite put my claw on it. I took advantage of this, and had one of them guide me through the city.

Gorgeous dark Gilneas. It seems that there are more than just an outcast seceded population living here. In fact, it seems that the “disease” that is the Worgen has taken a tight grasp on these lands.

During my visit, I decided to call up some old aquaintances and have them stand in for a photoshoot. Interesting bunch, still a bit sore about the whole “corrupted dragon soul” thing. Can’t people just live and let go?

Without further ado, Gilneas.


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