Cataclysmic Speculation

Lost Isles

Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

After visiting Stormwind, and having a quaint conversation with this supposedly flying goblin, he told me that he had some postcards from his visit to his home on the Lost Isles. He didn’t however want to turn them over to me. So, with what power I had left, I decided to pull his soul out and took the sights for myself.

Deathwing would be proud! I know how much he gets ticked off at those little buggers after they mistakenly put one of the Ademantite plates a little too close to his “junk”. Seriously, he had problems for a while, said it was like pissin’ lava… though he seems to be made up of lava… hmm, inte-

Deathwing: ARTHAS! What did I say about my personal stories…

Oh shi-

Deathwing: You have one more chance, you screw up again, and I’ll be having you for dinner, and showing you what the inside really looks like…. *scowl*

Ye… yes, sir. Absolutely.

Be.. below are the sights that I was able to pull from the goblin’s mangled soul. It even appears that there was a party going on there in the volcano… don’t ask me, I don’t know what goblins do in their spare time.


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