Cataclysmic Speculation


Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

Home of one of the former ancients, and Elemental Plane of air and wind. Fancy words that don’t mean a lot to me. I definately prefer dark, gloomy, rank, and disease ridden places, but that’s just my taste.

I will admit that it is a very creepy area for those of you with a fear of heights. I myself will likely not visit again after this, simply because I’d prefer the sound of dirt and bones crunching under my boots, than the wisp of clouds above your head. It appears to still be under some heavy development… hurry it up Blizzard, we’re getting antsy here, and I want to keep my job, and my head. Deathwing has deadlines you know.

Well, without further ado, I bring to you the wonderous Skywall, big, high, cloudy and full of pretty things…. *blech*


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