Cataclysmic Speculation

Throne of Tides

Arthas (LFW)

Arthas (LFW)

Good morning… living… 

Now that I have introduced myself, I would like to reveal to you the first assignment that lord Deathwing has placed upon me. I personally am not a fan of water, it seems to clean away all of the disease and pestilence that I am oh so fond of; however, a job is a job, and I could really use the health insurance. Therapists aren’t cheap, and with multiple personalities… it gets a bit crowded in here. 

Anyway, I will begin by showing some of the sights from the Throne of Tides. Home of Neptulon the Tidehunter. It was a bit disorienting being underwater, and not really having a map to go by, but here is what I found.


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